Sunday, July 18, 2010

...and that's why you always test a lawn mower

Usually, when prompted by boredom, I will peruse the local adds on I have at times been lucky and found great items for a great price... Our house, Jenne's scooter, and the occasional 25 cent candy machine.

So, with nothing to do last Saturday, Jenne and I took off to south Provo to look at a lawn mower which the buyer was asking $25 for. Did we need a lawn mower...? Not really, we don't even have a lawn, but for $25, we basically had to at least take a look.

The elderly seller greeted us at the door and ushered us through his gate and into his backyard where the mower was being stored. He then made his pitch, declaring that the mower had been good to him over the past 5-10 years (quite an ambiguous age I might add) but time had come to replace it with a riding lawn mower.

I looked over the 5 to 10 year old machine and while it wasn't anything special... for $25 I really didn't have a choice but to buy. Knowing that my Dad would be disappointed with me unless I found a flaw and saved some money on the mower, I asked the man if I could crank up the engine and give it a test run. He consented and I grabbed the chain and yanked with all my might. It turns out that I am either really strong, or the $25 asking price might have been a little too high because when I yanked... the cord flew completely out of the mower and hit Jenne in the stomach.

There I stood, sweating in the 100 degree July heat, with a wife that had just been slapped in the womb by two foot cord, and an old man about ready to strangle me with that very same cord that I had so violently ripped out of his prized 5 to 10 year old mower. What followed was one of the most awkward conversations of my life. The old man not wanting to lose a sale on a mower that no longer had a start-up cord, and me not wanting to pay $25 for a lawn mower that would no longer start. After what seemed like hours of blank stares and earnest apologies, Jenne and I slowly started to back away until we finally reached the safety of our car. After we turned on the air conditioning to the "max cold" level, we looked at each other with raised eyebrows and just started laughing.

And that's why, you always test a lawn mower.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Picture Perfect

Hayley Anderson you are a goddess! Jace and I got our wedding pictures back yesterday and I can't stop oogling over them! Here are some of my favorites...

...and how adorable is my husband!?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Say hello to the hound dog that howls upstairs every 5 min. Luckily her bite isn't as bad as her bark. The poor thing wouldn't come near us. But at least we can put a name to all the noise... apparently it's stargirl? Yeah, if I had that name I'd be screamin all the time too.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

no one does the 4th like provo

let's just say my first independence day in UT did not disappoint. Usually when holidays fall on Sundays they get shafted in the Mormon world but not in Provo... it just gives us three days to party instead of one... and we did. We kicked the weekend off with a trip up to Jace's uncle's cabin in Brighton. It was my first trip up to the cabin so I thought I'd earn my keep by making peanut butter melt aways and after the response that I got on them it looks like I'm invited back.Jace and I taking a stroll around the lake
Jace's Aunt Sue, Zane, Nicole, and Maddie
One of the main reasons why I married Jace ↑ Aren't they just the cutest couple?


After Brighton we scootered on over to the Stadium of Fire where we may or may not have snagged some back stage passes and got within touching distance of Carrie Underwood... I was star-struck and Jace didn't know who she was till we were almost past her but it was still pretty sweet. The concert was amazing and the fireworks were great (but not the ones that randomly shot into the crowd and singed a guy's hair off).Pre-concert excitement with Candace

Luckily I went through a Carrie phase a few summers ago... I fit right in.

Sunday was filled with churchy things, family dinner, the sandlot, and a party at Trent Tueller's. I wouldn't let Jace light off any fireworks because I was scared he would lose a hand... he lovingly obeyed. On Monday we wrapped things up with the annual Provo parade and breakfast at Guru's. All in all I've decided America is definitely more free in Provo.