Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bright Lights Big Citaayyyy

I feel like I had my first real city experience last night. I went to bed as early as I could because a few of the broadcasting girls decided that we would go for a run along the Hudson River early in the morning before work. Anyway... at 4 in the morning I wake up to the shrillest screams I've ever heard. I thought it was a police siren at first... but as it kept going I realized it was a fight between a man and a woman on the street. Someone was threatening to kill someone and a bunch tired people were shouting down death threats to the screamers who were keeping them up. Needless to say things get pretty hostile here on the upper west side.

the view from my room

the street where the little quarrel took place (this picture was taken after the incident)

Work was awesome. I got to meet Russ Mitchell who is the anchor of the weekend news. When he first walked into the room I was so star struck that I simply smiled at him and completely forgot to introduce myself. Thankfully 10 min later one of the producers brought him back so that I could redeem myself and let him know who I am. He was super nice and I'm really excited to see him perform this weekend.

the one and only Russ Mitchell

I also got to meet and work with more of the producers at CBS. They were extremely helpful and gave me great tips on how to succeed in this industry. One of them is even going to take me out on a shoot this weekend and I can't wait!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

today I saw Katie Couric...

Today was my first day of work... I intern with Andy Reeser (who is also a BYU broadcast student) and I'm so pumped that we were picked to work together. I feel like we help put each other at ease when one of us is freaking out with nervousness. We left for work extra early just to be sure that we made it to CBS on time. The morning commute was people watching at its finest. I saw a girl fall asleep and miss her stop (which is one of my biggest fears), and I listened to two moms from Sweden chat (I had no idea what they were saying but I was still mesmerized by how they talked).

When we got to CBS we had to wait in the lobby for someone to come and get us so I had Andy snap this picture in front of their huge wall logo.

my hair was frizzy and flat before work even started... I don't know how I ever survived 18 years of east coast humidity!

When we finally got through security we were greeted by Nick who is the CBS page. Nick is the Kennith of CBS... he's diligent... the fastest phone answerer i've ever seen... and he loves the news more than anyone I've ever met. He's also from Vermont and talks in a deep new english accent. I like Nick a lot... and I hope to get a picture of him soon so you can like him too.

We spent the majority of our work day touring the station... learning the duties of an intern... and meeting everyone on the staff. Andy and I will be working solely on the weekend edition of the news which is awesome because it's a smaller staff which means we'll get more hands on experiences. Plus we are the only two interns right now so we really get to soak everything up!

After work we asked if we could sit in the control room and watch the evening news cast. So, Nick took us downstairs and we got to watch everything behind the scenes. The control room at CBS is HUGE. There are TV monitors in every corner... my eyes were going crazy trying to focus on all of them. Katie Couric is actually in London right now working on the royal wedding (so pumped I came in time to cover this) so she anchored the news with a live shot in London. The guys in the control room gave Andy and I headphones which were plugged into all of the microphones so we could hear everything that Katie was saying both on and off the air. It was really really cool. She seemed really sweet and down to earth. She is also extremely poised and could keep complete composure even when things went wrong with the show.

After work we met up with Anna and Elora at Serendipity. We all shared our experiences from the day and loaded up on some frozen hot chocolate (It was to die for!)

just a couple of interns looking pretty beat

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

98% excited, 2% scared.... or maybe it's the otherway around

Greetings from NYC!! It's hot, humid, and I have many a blister already. Yesterday Jace and I loaded my life into three 35 pound bags.... bid adieu to our beloved shack house.... and headed for the airport. lots of tears were shed (by one or maybe even two of us)... and we said goodbye for 7 weeks (eek!!!)When I landed in NYC I hailed a cab... which was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. My driver's name was Rafin and he told me about all of the crazy laws in the US (did you know it's illegal to play the Shining at drive in movie theaters in Delaware?)

When I arrived at the I-house I checked in and found my room on the 6th floor. I was told before hand that the rooms were similar to the dorms at BYU but boy was I in for a surprise. My room is teeny tiny! My oldest sister Tiffany is coming in a week to visit and the plan was to have her sleep on a cot in my room... but after accessing my quarters I'm pretty sure we'll be bunking it up on my twin (so if you're reading...bring me some sheets tiff... these ones here feel like paper)

told you it was small.

The first night was hard... I missed Jace. I'll just leave it at that.
Today me and some of the other Broadcasting girls (who I simply adore) tried to get familiar with the subway, and tried to make it to our internships and back... it took us about 5 hours. Needless to say I'll be leaving extra early tomorrow to make sure I get to CBS on time.

Kelsey, Briana, Me, and Anna at 30 Rock

Right outside of CBS. This is where I'll be spending the next 7 weeks!

Overall I'm feeling really really happy. I'm living my dream and I get to spend time with some of the best girls! I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!