Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Can Can.

After a great stay in Las Vegas, Jace and I boarded a plane to Cancun where we stayed in an all-inclusive resort called the Grand Sunset Princess (any place that needs an adjective and two nouns to describe it is sure to be amazing). We hit the beach almost everyday, and ate at super swanky restaurants.

Jace enjoying Emily's wedding present

Eating fondue

Jace and one of our many virgin strawberry daiquiris.

Unfortunately I got really sick during our first night in Cancun. I'm pretty sure it was from the ice that was served in my drink, or food poisoning from the food that we ate in the airport. Either way, I was really weak for three days and spent most of my time in the bathroom... (Jace wanted me to title this post "Can-poo")

just sick and beat.

I regained most of my strength by our last day which allowed us to travel to Chichen Itza which was by far the best part about Mexico (stay tuned for pictures from that). Traveling with Jace was so much fun. He made me feel so safe and beautiful despite how miserable my body was feeling, and I was loving every time that I got to refer to him as my husband!


  1. I hope my b rother took care of you while you were sick. I love the blindfold with the eyes on it.

  2. haha...what is with the anderson kids and calling it a blindfold?

    glad it got some use, and that ruffled swim top is todiefor.