Tuesday, May 17, 2011

are YOU ready for may 21st?

Time is flying by here! Work has been incredible... seriously though... the best news stories seem to be breaking during my stay here and it's awesome to be apart of it all! Last week the entire BYU group went to see Wonderland. The play is a spin off of Alice and Wonderland, which I've never seen before because my mom always told me it wasn't worth my time. If the movie is anything like the musical then my mom was spot on.... it was the most random/ obscure/ pointless show I've ever seen. It opened last month and closed two days ago because it got such bad reviews.

The only picture I managed to take that night was this one of a huge camera screen in time square outside the theater. Can you find me and Anna? (hint: look for my pink coat)

This past weekend I hopped on a bus and headed down to PA to see my family and some of my best friends from high school. Even though it only lasted a little over a day, it was the perfect getaway. I loved spending time with my mom. We went out to eat, saw a movie, and just lounged around which is exactly what I needed. Later that night I headed over to see Jamie, Christine, and Kelly. I hadn't seen them in over a year but it honestly felt like I never left. We talked well into the night and I actually didn't get home until 4:45 AM...Christine Jamie Kelly and Me *taken at 4 AM so you'll have to excuse our faces

I was so sad to leave home. I tried to act tough in front of my mom but all I wanted to do was stay home with her and watch hours of desperate housewives and greys anatomy (my mom is a big McDreamy fan). When I got off the bus and stepped into the subway everything was so fast-paced and busy again... Don't get me wrong- New York is amazing- but it's just so fast and different from everything I'm used to

Today is Anna's birthday so we decided to celebrate with Magnolias! So all of us broadcasters headed downtown for some desert.

These signs advertising the end of the world are all over the place here. Supposedly the judgment day is this Saturday which would really get in the way of my anniversary plans....


  1. yeah I heard bad things about the Alice in Wonderland. I really hate the cartoon so I would assume the musical would be weird as well.

  2. While sitting in the subway I kept thinking, "Are they going to take these signs down on May 22nd" That will be an embarrassment when the world doesn't end and they are still up proving that author wrong.